A Blog About Conventions, Cosplay, Fashion, Manga, TCG, Cat Pics and More brought to you by Jennard Cosplays & Midnight Rogue 

@j3nnard: a contest host, panelist, editor, cosplayer, gamer and more. does too much, really. instagrams are j3nnard, sweetsofrage & dreamiesweets. twitter is @j3nnard

@midnight_rogue is on twitter & instagram, a cosplayer, a writer, a dungeons and dragons lady

Convention Team: Jennard, Midnight Rogue, Keith Jackson, Mathew Smith

Contributors: Jake Flo (@theseblusterydays on twitter), Johnny Ketchum @johnnyketchum  and MadAliceCries

For Convention Requests, email j3nnard@gmail.com


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