10 Reasons to visit Saratoga Comic Con 2021

This weekend we’ll be at Saratoga Comic Con presenting panels and covering cosplay and events. We reached out to the convention President for this super fun list of reasons to go – check it out!

  1. Why come to Saratoga Comic Con? Being the Capital Region’s largest Comic Con presented
    by Chase Con Expo LLC, our shows strive to be the best for it’s local fans and abroad! We also
    present Saratoga Comic Con twice a year, it’s so big. Finding out what the fans want to make
    their dreams a reality is what we specialize in as a business.
  2. What to buy at a comic con and what is there to buy? Comics, collectables, toys, crafts,
    anime, action figures, art created local and abroad, board games, magic cards, exclusive art,
    commissioned artwork and anything pop culture related you can find at this con! Our Worldwide
    vendors and artists are phenomenal!
  3. Celebrities & Artists. We go out of our way for the fans, so you can have the opportunity to
    meet the people that created the worlds you now love. We bring guest stars that you might not
    likely meet or even get the chance to come to the area!
  4. Great priced tickets! We offer great ticket deals for friends and families starting as low as $15
    with kids 6 and under getting in for free! You can buy it online or at the door.
  5. The Local Community! Our Con provides local fun safe places for kids, friends, and family to
    come together and support charities like American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and The
    Trevor Project! Our convention attracts people local and abroad to increase business in the local
    areas bringing in over 250k a year to local businesses.
  6. Attractions! Panels, events, unique and exclusive art, gaming, guest stars, attractions, food!
    Just the place to complete your weekend!
  7. After Party 11/20 7pm-9pm! DJ’d by DJ TOM!
  8. Open Dress Code & Cosplay Guest Stars: Cosplay of all kinds is welcome! Anime, Gaming,
    Comic, Furries, Heroes, Villains, all Cosplay welcome! Cosplay guests include: The Resident
    Evil Cosplay Troop (group), Jennard Cosplays, Lorraine Toth, Sweetheart Harley, & Chelsea
    Brickham Cosplay. Come meet and learn how to improve your cosplay skills with these amazing
  9. Gaming all weekend! The same guys that hosted Super Smash Bros. tournaments since
    2015 are back! Medusa Games will be doing table top games all weekend as well!
  10. You’re our fun family! Chase Con Expo LLC created a family of con goers twice a year in
    Saratoga Springs, NY. We have always strived to create one big family for our events. A
    peaceful fun element that only Saratoga Comic Con can bring that we’ve created with our other
    two shows: Plattsburgh Comic Con & Mid-Hudson Comic Con. So, if you like to have fun, enjoy
    yourself, spend time with friends and family in a safe environment, then this Comic Con and Pop
    Culture Event is the only place to be on November 20-21, 2021! End your con year celebrating it
    with us!

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