ToyCon NJ 2021

Hey guys!!! Fully vaccinated cosplayer here and I felt it was safe enough to dive back into attending safe cons!! The first one I checked out this year was ToyCon NJ – it took place in Wayne, New Jersey and it was bigger than I expected.

New Jersey still has a mask mandate at this time so everyone at the con was wearing a mask which was great (and it looked like everyone was really good about following the rules). Def saved a lot of stress. I was nervous about jumping back into huge crowds but it felt normal and was a great change of pace.

The vendors at Toycon NJ were so lovely!! It was much bigger than I expected and had a great variety of tables. There was lots of vintage toys, Pokemon Cards, Godzilla, GI Joe, Barbie and videogames.

I left with a pretty good haul and even saw a few cosplayers!! And it looked like the con got great attendance – which is a good sign for cons this year!! Most small cons are small businesses and I love to see them thrive.

Toycon NJ was two huge rooms of vendors and a good variety of things. I’d go again and suggest it to anybody looking for vintage toys ❤

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