Eva VTM LA By Night Cosplay

Anyone who knows me knows I love tabletop role-playing games and the World of Darkness is on that list. So finding La by Night and slowly falling in love with a lot of the characters wasn’t that far off track for me. Eva is a Tremere Kindred Played by Josephine McAdams, her story is beautiful and heartbreaking as it usually is in World of Darkness games. Her story with another of the characters Japer is beautiful and heart-wrenching and I love it. 

Now as to how I built her cosplay. The first thing I did was try and find good reference photos for the pieces I needed to make and in doing so I actually found the real pieces the actress got for playing Eva. This made it significantly easier to find something as close to the materials used without blatantly ripping off or full-on copying the product made by the company, because I wanted to make something as close to the original but still make it uniquely mine.

Next came actually looking for the appliques I wanted to use. I spent a little over a week bouncing from website to website trying to find the right appliques and in the right color to match the dresses I had purchased. After I read through essays of reviews I finally settled on appliques I had found on Amazon. I ended up ordering from Bridallaceuk and I bought four of their 3 packs of their beaded flower sequenced lace in champagne. I purchased pearls and embroidery floss at the same time so I could have everything I needed without having to dig for what I needed.

After waiting a week for my appliques to get to me I got to work.  The first thing I did was divide what pieces I want to use for the headpiece and what I wanted to use for the neckpiece. Then the fun began. I spent four hours hand sewing the lace appliques in place. Shaping it and then sewing more and repeating these steps until I realized I had nothing else left to sew.

There were a couple of test fittings before I considered it complete. alterations were made is this part, on both the dress and the neckpiece, beads were added to the chain of the headpiece and to the neckpiece and the dress had details seam ripped from the back.

All together this cosplay took me five episodes of Criminal minds to make and I could not be happier with it! I cannot wait to wear her with friends when it is safe to do so again!

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