D&D “Stuff of legends”

The Jovenshire Youtube page has partnered with Wizards of the Coast to bring us a 6 episode Dungeon and Dragons show. The show combines the gameplay of Dungeon and Dragons and puppetry to bring us something truly unique and hilarious. The show uses rod-style puppets very similar to that of The Muppets and switches between the table setting of the player characters role-playing to the Puppets acting out fight scenes or various role-play scenes. 

The six-episode show that airs on The Jovenshire Youtube page is packed full of comedy and is a good introduction to the basics of D&D. The host of the show has described the show as “Dungeon and Dragons meets Drunk History but with puppets instead of actors” which is actually a perfect way to describe the show. Stuff if legends is a relatively good way for anyone who wants to learn about D&D in a nonsensical manner to start to learn about the wildly popular tabletop roleplay game. It airs in episodes that are half an hour long and includes tips on the screen that explain wordings and actions and touches on both the fighting aspect of D&D and the Rp aspect of the game. The show is airs in a way that’s easy to consume and its light and fun. A good break for those veteran players who play heavier and more serious games and would like to relax and is also a fun way to introduce knew players to the game.

The Jovenshire or simply Joven is an American YouTuber and one of the four original hosts on Smosh Games and is the Dungeon master of this game, his players include actress Lisa Foiles, David Moss (aka Lasercorn) of Smosh games, Actress Shanna Malcolm, and YouTuber Brandon Rogers. The players had full creative freedom of the look of their puppets and their character’s names which resulted in some truly hilarious names and some seriously unique player choices that add to the hilarity of the show. Player Characters include Magellica Plumb the Mages Apprentice, Hatchet Hand a Pirate Dwarf Fighter, Arieola Borealis a Dragonborn Barbarian, and Slippy Richardson a Kuo-Toa Rogue.

Stuff of Legends Premiered on February second and is about to air its final episode. Many of us are hoping that the future will hold more for this show. The unique aspects of this show is something many people enjoy and wish to see more of, but for now only the futures knows what will come next for the Stuff of Legends.

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