Yu-Gi-Oh TCG: Maximum Gold Review

A lil late, but here we are with our review of the Maximum Gold Yu-Gi-Oh TCG box!! This one was really exciting to open – and Mat will be opening more live soon on Twitch!!

First off, the presentation of these new packs is absolutely phenomenal. The box has a really pleasant and simple gold design to it which is quite similar to the new rarity. Lifting the top of the box open reveals four brand new packs tucked neatly into the center. In my opinion, the print on these cards is much better looking than the original Gold Rare. The cards have noticeably more flash and the gold border is certainly eye grabbing. I feel it would be super nice looking in a matte black sleeve, or even a nice red 😉

The reprints of cards and alternate art is always welcome . I was surprised to see cards like Ash Blossom and Nibiru in this set. There’s so many good ones. The new Maximum Gold Rarity is right up there with fan favorites such as Secret Rares and Starlights.

REALLY cool and fun, but PLEASE Konami: More Ghost rares, I beg you.

Thanks for reading! ❤

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