Neopets Advent Calendar Begins Today – Celebrate IRL with one from Geekify!

It’s the best day of the year.

The first day of the Neopets Advent Calendar.

Here’s your reminder to visit the Advent Calendar in Happy Valley to get your Neopets their first round of holiday items ❤ I always watch the whole animation. It’s a tradition lasting 20 years at this point.

BUT THIS YEAR, IT’S A LIL EXTRA SPECIAL. You can have your own physical Neopets Advent Calendar to celebrate along with your pets! It’s an exclusive from Geekify – with daily neopets themed chocolates, a cute holiday box & YES – a rare item code. A 20 year tradition really comes to life. And yes, I *know* it’s already December 1st, so I’ll just have to eat a few extra chocolates to catch up when it arrives. Who doesn’t love extra chocolate??? This is a must have for any Neopets collector, and a fun item to get your kids into the Neopia you grew up in.

Get yours here!

Also I’m really impressed with the other Neopets merch Geekify has on their site – really unique stuff that def had Neopets user’s favorites in mind. (I’m dropping hints for Santa lol, all of the new merch is definitely on my wishlist)

Goodnight Neopians! And don’t forget to visit the Advent Calendar every day!

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