Manga: Peach Girl Next, Vol 1

Where the heck did this month go????

The good thing about being home this entire month is I’m finally catching up on my backlog of videogames and books – and I’ve been LOVING Peach Girl ever since I was in middle school. I found out about Peach Girl from the July 2000 issue of Smile Magazine, which used to have chapters from manga (mostly shojo <3) every month. It’s got everything a girl like me needed – drama, fashion, insecurities, boys… It’s just perfect.

I read Peach Girl in middle school. Then Peach Girl Change of Heart in high school. I watched the anime and the live action drama. In my early 20’s, I finally tracked down the Peach Girl Sae’s Story manga and read that too. Even though I hate Sae. Anything Peach Girl, I needed it. And now, that I’m an adult, I needed Peach Girl Next.

Momo is 28. Which is cool. And Still unmarried. Same. So not only is my fav back but she’s still relatable. And she’s still with Kairi, an angel, the right choice.

sPoILeRs PaSt ThIs PoInT ~~~~~~~~

SAE SHOWS UP. UUUUUHGHJAGJDGAJDHHH, uhhgghdjghdjhgghhghhhhhh uuuuughhhh hate her, haaaate her. I did like reading Sae’s Story.. but I don’t think it gave her any redeemable qualities lol. And the things she did to Momo were like, crimes. Not only emotionally abusive but like, physically putting her in danger. Wtf. How is Sae not in like, prison? Haha.. anyway…

She came back. With Toji. Who I expected her to be married to, but she’s not. (there’s a whole sad back story there…) And the shit she does to Momo and Kairi (especially poor Kairi in this one) is noooooooot oooookaaaayyyyy. nOT OKAY.

Crimes Sae Committed: (TW Sexual Assault)

-Drugging and Sexually Assaulting Kairi with the help of his coworker

-Impersonating a Doctor with the help of her friend to tell Kairi he’s infertile to make him leave Momo who wants kids

??? More??? Probably??? And this isn’t the first time she’s put someone through sexual assault – Momo went through some shit way back then omg. Sae is literally the worst person and will never stop being the worst person and I’m almost sad that she’s back lol. I do kind of wish she could have come back a little bit better – more adult, a good job, maybe a little bit of an asshole but not committing crimes, idk.


Momo and Kairi are so cute and have a dream of having three kids and some random ass man gives them a house and it’s really looking good for them and even though Sae is trying to test their loyalty I have no worries for my OTP. they are perfect angels and nothing will ruin this not even cute ass Toji next door.

Okay!!! I’m reading volume 2 tonight.

As far as I can tell, Peach Girl Next is only available on Kindle – boooo. I prefer physical copies but if this is how I gotta read it then digital it is.

Okay!!! Thanks for reading!!!


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