How Local Conventions Help Small Businesses

Hey guys!!! It’s 2020!! How did it become a new year so fast?!??!?!??! Con season is also fast approaching, so here’s an important reminder. If you love your local nerdy community, SUPPORT LOCAL CONS!


  • Local cons are often run by one person, or a small team. They’re not corporations – ticket prices go right back into creating bigger events for your community, with more reasons to get together, cosplay, or even see bigger guests that wouldn’t normally come to the area.
  • THE VENDORS!!! – At local cons, they might have one – five big sponsors such as FYE. But that’s it. At a con offering more than 100+ tables, those are all small businesses. It’s a local store with a table bringing their best stuff to show you. All of the vendors probably prep for months for each convention, and going to the con and buying from them is the same as supporting a local business. 


  • THE ARTISTS! Same thing. Most don’t even have their own store front and survive off of the money they make at con tables or etsy. If you love supporting your fav artists, suggest local cons to them, thank cons for featuring so many artists and buy from the artists at their tables!! it’s also great meeting them – getting your art signed. It’s a more personal experience knowing the artist that made your cute room decor.
  • ADVERTISING! Conventions give local businesses an opportunity to meet potential customers and tell new people about their store! People that otherwise wouldn’t even know their business is there! Hand out flyers, coupons to a couple thousand people that like the kinda stuff sold in the store.

  • Finally – GUESTS. This is big, because big guests bring other people into the area that normally wouldn’t visit! When people come from out of town, they’re supporting local restarants, stopping by cool stores while they’re here, it makes a difference and makes nearby businesses busy.

Thanks for reading!!! Make sure you check out your local cons!! Or even volunteer to keep this community alive!!

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