Jennard Cosplays: Saratoga Comic Con Schedule 

Hi guys!!! Just an update to let you know I WILL BE AT SARATOGA COMIC CON THIS WEEKEND as a returning cosplay guest and host of the Cosplay Competition! The other guests are phenomenal and the weekend’s activities are looking unreal, but I wanted to take a minute to make sure y’all knew where to find me.

  • The con takes place Oct 27 & 28th, this Saturday and Sunday! 10-6 on Saturday, 10-5 Sunday and VIP’s get in a half hour early.
  • I’m table 133 & 144 along with Midnight Rogue. We have a big cute tent so it will be hard to miss us!!
  • PANELS! Fandom Karaoke from 11:40 – 12:50 on Saturday. Sign up with me or Midnight Rogue!

That’s Saturday, now for Sunday…

  • I will be checking out Midnight Rogue’s Roll for Initiative panel at 11:30 AM!!!
  • Kids cosplay contest!!! My fav!!! 3 PM, ages 16 and below!!! Sign up at the front desk!!!

Okay, love ya, see ya this weekend!!! Xoxo!!

ONE MORE THING!!!! I have two RETROGAMECON passes to give away. THAT’s the next con I’m a guest at!!! Come find meeeeeeee

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