Midnight Rogue’s Summer Con Recap!

Summer conventions are always a blast, hot, but a blast! I didn’t go to many conventions during the summer time but the ones I do go to we’re some of my favorites!

Let’s start with Conneticon on 7/12! As always ctcon was amazing! I was only there Friday but I still had an amazing time. I walked around as Keyleth from critical role all day Friday and hung out at the Critical Role meet up! The ctcon after-party in the courtyard is one of my favorite convention experiences I have, I love the energy, the dancing, the jokes , I love the nightlife!

Next is Empire Game Expo on 7/13! I was very adventurous and did two conventions in a single weekend! the Saturday right after ctcon was Empire Game Expo where I debuted my Perfuma cosplay from Netflix’s She-Ra! I was a judge at the cosplay contests with Jennard cosplays, Mothchildcc, and Famine cosplays! I had a blast at the show and was super excited to see the Super Thrash Bros!

The Upstate New York Collectors show at The Venue 8/8! I love this location and i love the friendly atmosphere of this show, it’s such a beautiful and breathtaking location I personally love small shows like this because it’s so open and friendly.

 Here’s my photo dump!


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