Jennard’s 2019 Summer Con Diary

Hey loved ones!! What busy summer!!!

Connecticon – 7/12 – Hartford, NY

I always consider the start of summer to be Connecticon – we go every year, it’s in early July and it’s the first time that I really feel ~summery~. It’s warm and fun and the food trucks and fireworks give it a reeeeeeeeeeeeeal summer feel. Always amazing, the gaming room, the vendor hall, the cosplayers. The artist alley was incredible!! This year seemed quieter than others but it was a welcoming chill environment. Something I loved seeing was the nightlife pick back up – for a few years not many hung out outside since the raves in the Mariott stopped but this year it was great to see happy people having a great time together again. How easy it is to make friends is what I love the most about Connecticon.




Empire Game Expo – 7/13 – Albany, NY

So going back and forth between cons for the weekend was a bit stressful! But it was worth it. Empire Game Expo was so cool, I’m so thankful I was able to be a guest there and host & judge the cosplay contest with fellow cosplayers Famine Cosplay, Midnight Rogue & Mothchild CC ❤ Some of my best friends. The coolest thing about the con was it was new to the area and focused on something near and dear to my heart – retrogaming. Hell Yeah. I went as Princess Daphne from Dragon’s Lair. A few people even recognized it, haha. EGX succeeded at bringing something else new to the local con scene too – LIVE MUSIC AT CONS. This is so rad. One, the Super Thrash Bros literally know how to make a room 100% better and Two, Music is SUCH A COOL THING TO HAVE AT CONS. I love it. The con was very well organized, the vendors new! and cool! & the afterparty was great. Really hoping I get to do this one next year. It’s run by RetroGameCon – so if you can make it to that one in Syracuse, NY later this year DEFINITELY DO IT. So much fun. Really wish I had the opportunity to take more photos at EGX but I was so busy!! I did have a photoshoot in their vintage computer section so when I get those back I’ll def show them off.

In August, I took a break from cons to prepare for Fall, lol. I didn’t end up taking much of a break, I WAS BUSY ALL OF THE TIME. I went to Salem, MA, I went to so many beaches, emo nights, had fun with my best friends. But Fall doesn’t start for another week so let’s keep going!

Sept 8th – Upstate NY Collector’s Show – Cohoes, NY

This is one of my FAAAAVORITE local shows. It’s in The Venue in Cohoes, NY which is so beautiful. A perfect location for shoots. The owners are more than kind and supportive, the vendors were lovely, I found something I’ve been looking for FOREVER for only $1 (BRITNEY SPEARS CROSSROADS) and I bought a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper – it’s a really good spot for buying vintage goods. No cosplay contest this time around, 😦 I feel like cosplayers don’t really support local shows like they used to. Not many showed up. I’ll get into that in a whoooooole other post, haha. Either way, the event was lovely, I had a great morning with my best friends & fellow cosplayers Famine Cosplay, 50 Shades of Blue Eyes/Dorian Sinnott (bought his new book! signed! yaaaasss!!!) and as always, Midnight Rogue. I can’t wait for the next one. ❤


OkaY! That covers pretty much everything, I took it really easy on the cons this summer to try and relax a little bit more. I do have a really busy Fall – see you soon!

  • 9/13-9/15 Poconos, PA – ColossalCon East
  • 9/21-9/22 Plattsburgh, NY – Plattsburgh Comic Con
  • 10/26 – 10/27 Saratoga, NY – Saratoga Comic Con
  • 11/2 – 11/3 Syracuse, NY – RetroGameCon

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