2019 D&D Excitement!!!

D&D is one of my more expensive hobbies. It sits right under cosplay as one of the things I spend most of my money on.  I can tell you with everything coming out this year that won’t change at all because so much cool stuff is being released this year and I want all of them. With everything that was announced at D&D live and everything that was announced before the show is just bringing my hype level up.

Ghost of Saltmarsh, the fifth edition revamping of 1st edition adventures. This announcement was exciting for a couple of reasons, the first reason being ocean-based adventures where I can live out my life long dream of being a pirate and the second being that this is the combination of some of the most popular classic adventures from the first edition of Dungeons & Dragons being changed to 5e mechanics.

The Stranger Things Starter Set is also very high up there on my dnd excitement list. The kit will include a Stranger things adventure book, essential rule book, 5 Stranger Things character sheets, 6 dice, Demogorgon figure, and a paintable Demogorgon figure. Actually, while I type this I am waiting for my set to arrive because I ordered it two hours ago.

Dungeons and Dragons vs Rick and Morty should be very interesting. From what I understand its a simple one-shot with a level range of 1 to 3 and the ability to play 5 characters. I am hoping for a Starfinder vibe mixed with the ridiculousness of Rick and Morty for this release.

The D&D Essential kit is also very high on my “Things I am excited about” list because it is a new introductory set that similar to the starter set in the way that is there to help new players and dungeon masters have a good starting point. The kit will include a newly designed essential rulebook to teach players how to make characters and the core rules of the game and it will include an adventure called “Dragon of Icespire Peak,” that was written by Chris Perkins to introduce a new 1-on-1 rules variant. This new 1-on-1 rules variant is very interesting in the fact as it will focus on the dm and one player instead of the dm and multiple players.

Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Averun’s which is described as “Hell meets Mad Max: Fury Road” with a 1-13 level play setting, players will explore the war-torn Averuns, the first level of the nine hells. This release will also get a custom dice set around the same time as the release of the adventure book in September. I am very excited about the dice set because I have a goblin brain and I need all the pretty little shiny things. One of the other things that I am very excited about is the chickens. Chris Perkins, the lead story designer of Dungeons & Dragons announced that players would have the option of making an abyssal chicken their familiar when they descend into the Nine Hells.

Empire of Ghouls I am excited about a Kickstarter by Kobold Press, which is known in the dnd community for the 5e Creature codex and other adventure settings and creature guide books. Their newest project is The Empire of Ghouls 5th edition adventure which is being described as “An alliance of cultists, ghouls, and vampires. A scheme of the dark gods against humanity” the adventure will include new maps, dark realms, and monstrous societies!

Acquisitions Incorporated a campaign book inspired by the podcast web series

koryo halls of adventure Kickstarter for a 5e compatible campaign setting based on Korean locations, myths, and legends

Kickstarter  There is so much cool Dungeons and Dragons related content happening on Kickstarter. I always find myself looking through the d&d tag on Kickstarter to see what’s being worked on.

I hope you are all as excited for this year’s releases as I am! Let me know what you are most excited, I would love to hear what you have to say about all this!

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