How I Made My Princess Serenity Cosplay

I debuted this cosplay at the Saratoga Comic-con spring show after keeping this cosplay a secret for seven months! I got so many questions involving the process of making this cosplay I decided to make a big post about how I made this cosplay. Now I’m not saying you have to copy what I did to make a Princess Serenity cosplay because there are many different ways to make this dress, I’m just showing you the way I made my dress.

First things first, you will need a lot of patience and complete understanding that you may have to take everything apart and start over because that is what I had to do, don’t worry I will show you all the work in progress photos of the first attempt and the final attempt of this cosplay.

The first steps of this cosplay involved buying a dress off Amazon and buying an endless amount of pearls and gold seed beads. The dress I purchased off Amazon had beads on it already so I had to take the beads off the dress before I started on the actual beading process.

I then cut out paper circles to outline where I wanted the beads to go. I worked with this process till it was done and realized I really didn’t like how it was coming together and took it all apart

After brainstorming for about a week I decided to cut a circle into a square of fabric and practice sewing the beads within the circle. I decided I liked how that looked and I started to work on the dress again. Having already taken apart the entire bodice of the dress I started with ironing out the pleats and rearranging the fabric to lay flat. I removed the boning and the built-in bra (don’t throw these away, you’ll need them for later.) Hemming the edge of the bodice and hemming the bottom of the skirt is the only part of the cosplay that I used my sewing machine for.

Next, I hand sewed on a pearl trim on to the neckline and the waistline hiding the gathering of the fabric and the seam at the neckline and added my own boning into the front of the dress for support. Then I started beading. This is where patience comes into play because this took forever. Big shout out to Mothchildcc on Instagram for the pearl care package because I ran out of pearls.

I added a strip of pearlescent ribbon to fill in extra space and lined it with pearls.

Now, remember how I said to save the built-in bra and the scraps of fabric from hemming. this is where you’re gonna use it. I trimmed the bra cups down to size and pinned in the strips of fabric to make the rose look for the sleeves.

Now for the last steps, the wig, the jewelry, the shoes, and the nail polish.

Princess Serenity at your service.


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