Saratoga Comic Con 5th Year Celebration Recap!!

Saratoga Comic-con is celebrating its fifth year this year! I was thrilled to spend the weekend with my con squad at one of my favorite local conventions.

On Saturday I finally revealed the secret cosplay that I had been working on for a little over seven months and finished the Thursday before the convention. I felt like a literal Queen walking around in my princess serenity cosplay. I also had the fortune of hosting the Saratoga comic-con lighting trivia with Jen, Kyle, Kieth, and Sydney. I also got the chance to sit in and help host the Karaoke! Jen and I also hosted Sailor Moon panel as Princess Serenity and Chibiusa! Sadly I didn’t get any photos of that panel but there’s always next time! Now for the adult cosplay contest, oh man, there were so many good cosplays, so many talented people it was beautiful. Speaking of talented people, we were blessed by the beautiful singing of Sydney while the judge’s deliberated.

The after party was hosted by DJ Tom and there was a blessed moment where we screamed the pokemon theme song.

On Sunday I wore my revamped Keyleth cosplay all day Sunday,  Lady Bridget and I returned with our Cosplay 101 panel and me and my sister who also happens to be one of my dungeon masters, hosted a dnd panel, where we talked about the basics of dnd and misconceptions about dnd. I also had the fortune of being one of the judges of the kid’s cosplay contest.

Here is my photo dump from the weekend!


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