fashion: 80’s vintage part 1

THE LOOKS OF THE 80’S and 90’s seem to be making a comeback – but stores just cannot get it right. Don’t get me wrong, I love the new old looking stuff, but it’s not quite THAT look. But I guess back then I was more of a nerd, the socks over the pants, windbreakers, big sweaters with places I’ve never been to on them – and witty Garfield quotes. There’s even new Garfield shirts popping up but they just don’t have the spice as the Garfield shirts from 1973. 

Another thing I wish would really come back is POOFY SLEEVES. DON’T BE A COWARD, IT’S SHOULDERPAD TIME. 

black dress, holding the roses: my sister at prom

Even current formal dresses keep the very slim/tons of skin showing look of the early 2000’s, which is gorgeous, but I miss the fairy princess looks. 

Okay, i’ve gotta gooooo, but next time: FLORALS. and more sparkles. 

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