Dungeon and Dragons Excitement!

We got some exciting news in the DnD community recently, with the announcement of the Dnd Live 2019: The Descent in L.A. May 17 and 18. You can view my last post for more information on that. Putting that aside, right now I just want to talk DnD for a moment.

With the whispers of a yet to be announced campaign setting, many, including me, are hoping for a brand new campaign setting that will explore more of Faerun or even far beyond Faerun. While there are others who are hoping on a revival of older modules similar to the revival of “Ravenloft” being remade to be “The Curse of Strahd”  and “The Jungles of Chult” being remade to be “The Tomb of Annihilation” both of these settings originally being from 2nd edition and converted over to 5e mechanics. Now don’t get me wrong I would love more revisions, but I also want to see what the rest of Faerun has to offer, what the other planes of existence have to offer, and even what the feywild has to offer. There is so much that can be done and I can’t wait to see what the announcements for this year are going to be.

My own history with DnD isn’t very long, I have only been playing DnD for about two years and I am currently in two campaigns and I have been apart of many one-shots and guests in some of my friend’s campaigns. My more serious campaign is “The Curse of Strahd” where my party Vox Nahili (which means the voice of nothing it Latin, kind of ironic when you’re up against Strahd) I am also about to start “Storm kings Thunder” after a homebrew one-shot that I had been playing wanted to grow into something more. Now there are many questions I’ve been asked about DnD so I’m going to answer some of those questions and hopefully get some of you interesting in playing DnD if you’ve never played before, I’m also interested to hear how different others players experiences are from my own.


“Isn’t hard to get all the players together to play?”

It’s actually not that hard to get my parties together, we have  set day and time that we play, and sometimes a member cant show up for the whole session or can’t show up at all and that’s fine because we work around that, depending on the session we can leave them out of the session entirely, or dm asks permission to use the character in a fight for spells and such. Now, if more then half the party can’t make it we postpone the session till next week or the most opportune play time.

 “Don’t you get bored playing for 5+ hours?”

I actually don’t really get bored playing dnd, shopping episodes are rough, especially if your playing with a bard, but that’s beside the point. On average my sessions last about 5 hours, minimal of 3 hours and the longest being 7 and a half hours for a boss fight.

“Isn’t it hard to get into character?”

I actually don’t find it hard to get in character, a little awkward for the first couple of minutes but after that, it’s relatively easy to go from in-character to out-of-character.

“How you keep all the rules straight in your head?” “Isn’t it hard to follow all the rules?” 

As for rules, that’s a different subject because I have played with dungeon masters who think some rules are more like guidelines with rules like death and class rules being important to follow. Honestly, I think that’s one of the coolest things about Dungeons and Dragons, it’s all up to interpretation, no party is ever the same, no dungeon master plays the same, that is one of the many joys I’ve discovered about DnD is how different it can be.

One of the other many joys I’ve discovered about DnD is Cosplay! Yes, big shocker, I cosplay my DnD characters. I also cosplay other DnD characters, such as characters from “Critical Role” and “The Adventure Zone” and I have also cosplayed my Vampire from “Vampire the Masquerade” and I have many more DnD cosplay ideas that I am working on.

Photo dump of some of DnD cosplays below.

DSC01823.JPGVax’ildan from Critical Role- photo credit to my sister

Photo Jan 21, 12 09 25 PM.jpgKey’Ara Corvinus Halfelf Shadow monk/Rogue – My “Curse of Strahd” character

Photo Oct 13, 3 57 12 PM (1)Keyleth from Critical Role- photo credit to my sister

DSC01484Allura Vysoren from Critical Role – Photo credit to my sister

img_3093Taako from The Adventure Zone – Photo credit to my sister

Photo Oct 29, 2 45 40 PM (3)Nott the Brave from Critical Role

Photo Aug 19, 1 33 58 PM (1)Key’Lynn wood elf Ranger/ arcane archer fighter – one-shot character


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