Albany Toy Show March 2019

Hey!!!!! It’s me!!!

I’m back!! And I left my house yesterday to attend the ALBANY TOY SHOW. Good stuff!! 

These local events are always super great for seeing friends, and I had time to walk around with Amanda for a bit!!! Her cute af Alice cosplay made the whole trip worth it tbh!!! I saw so many other friends and I’m really greatful to have my cosplay friend patrol on my side. For a smaller show more focused on collectibles, it’s really cool to see the incredible cosplays they put together. Bless ❤️

In toy news, I did spend more than expected because POLLY POCKETS. VINTAGE POLLY POCKETS. Huge shout out to Aly for pointing these out to me because I pretty much left with all of them for a great price. I’m going to go through them all in a cute video but heck yeeeeaaa,,, great additions to my toy collection. 

Anyway, had a great time with friends, bought stuff, lived life, looked good and I WILL be leaving my house more often. Really excited for this year’s coming events!! 

To find out more about Albany Toy Show, check out Famine Studio’s vlog!!! I make an appearance in it but he shows off how fun the day was really well, check it out!  Famine Studios Albany Toy Show Vlog

Thanks for reading xoxoxo 

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