Genericon 2019 Recap

Genericon! The start of my 2019 convention season.

Now I’m not a super big fan of the cold, but I can’t pass up Genericon. The panels are always super fun to bounce between, from fandom panels, cosplay horror stories, cosplay panels, and even meme panels, it’s always a fun time! There are really good photoshoot locations for cosplayer and even tho it’s cold the photos are so worth braving the cold for.

This was one of those conventions We’re I was kept pretty busy the entire time so I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked but I had so much fun I’m not that disappointed.

I walked around as beau from critical role on Friday and I was very happy to finally show off Taako from the adventure zone!!

I got to talk to some amazing critical role fans who were as excited (And as emotional) for “The search for grog” as I was

And I finally got to get my hands on almost all of the Mighty Nein prints by @poofinator in instagram!!!

Now I didn’t cosplay on Sunday because I usually just end up spending all day watching the cosplay death match because I live for the energy of that entire show.

I hope you enjoy my photo dump of the weekend

***Not all photos were taken by me but you can find all credits tagged on my Instagram

Till next year Genericon XOXO

(Shout out to Jen for the last two photos of me crying over the search for grog with @elphingirl_cosplays)

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