Saratoga Comic Con Fall 2018: Saturday Recap

Hey guys! Saratoga Comic Con came and went, and my ONLY complaint is that I wish it lasted longer. This year’s fall con was a mix of fun panels and awesome guests like David Yost – enough to keep me busy the entire time, one of those rare weekends where I barely pick up my phone. So I’m sorry for not updating about it until now!

The vendor room was packed this year, and I still think the con will outgrow the building it’s in. SO many different vendors, which was really cool for Christmas shopping. I usually post pics of my con hauls, but it would be spoiling present surprises, haha. It’s a lot. The best thing that can happen for the holiday season is a con because you find a lot of presents you wouldn’t in stores like artist prints or crafts or even handmade candles. Rare figures, old games, TONS of stuff.

I was lucky enough to attend the con as a returning cosplay guest, which I really enjoy doing. Personally I’ve always had a good experience with the entire con staff and everyone I’ve met – the con def has a welcoming atmosphere over and over again. People will say it’s the same thing every time – and it is. But only in a community sense, the vendors change it up, the guests change, new panels, but the welcoming friends are always there. Everyone’s just there to have fun and meet people with similar interests. It’s great.

I had the opportunity to host Cosplay Karaoke on Saturday with one of my coolest bff’s, Amanda Jade of Nana’s Darling Adventures. She opened up the Karaoke with a great song, and SHE CAN SING!! It really got the room excited to join in and there was so much exciting talent and fun times this year. DJ Spicey was incredibly helpful and his Karaoke set up shows lyrics and everything and it was great to see everyone into it. The audience was supportive and loving it. I love to see congoers cheer people on! You can actually watch the karaoke panel on the Saratoga Comic Con page. Hosting was so much fun to do, the crowd was lively. Thankful for that!

I got an hour break after cosplay karaoke before I had to judge the contest with my fellow judges, Lady Bridget, Chelsea Von Chastity & Puma Cosplay…… and beautiful rad host Myratheon Cosplay. It was my first time really meeting her and she was great to get to know. I’m thankful that the con finds the cosplay guests that it does because it really makes a difference – positive attitudes make positive people, and it made the cosplay contest feel like a good competition where everyone worked their hardest and the contestants were supportive of other contestants. Not something you see often enough and this con has a great anti-bullying feel to it.

The After Party! The after party took place in the city center this time which was so convenient because it was right at the con. If you need to unwind after a good day, greasy food and drinks and good music is the way to do it. There was more karaoke at the after party and DJ Tom is the absolute coolest. It was also a good chance to get to know the other guests, where people aren’t trapped at their booths and can hang out. I’m gonna be posting a vlog about the whole thing – not to spoil anything but even Tom did karaoke. #BLESSED.

Anyway, that was my Saturday! Sunday was good too, but more on that later, and i’ll be posting an entire image gallery from the weekend/contests. After the con I was for real bummed that I have to wait six months for the next one.

Thanks for having me!

Also – Make sure you check out the previous post on Invisible Cat Patrol! It’s Midnight Rogue’s Saratoga Comic Con recap.

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