Hey guys!!!! Cosplay Karaoke is Back and taking place on Saturday of Saratoga Comic Con at 12:40 PM – 1:40 PM.  Come have fun!!!!! But first, here’s some helpful info/rules/answers to your burning questions. Thanks for reading! 

  • Hosted By Me, Jennard Cosplays
  • DJ Spicey will Be providing the music! He will have access to the internet & will he able to look up any song you want to do!
  • Please keep songs family appropriate 😊
  • Songs should be only three minutes longish to make sure we have time for all sign ups ~
  • Sooooo due to our time slot, sign ups are limited to 15 guests. Please sign up with me at table 137, if there’s room left there will be sign ups at the panel but do so early! 
  • If you don’t make it, don’t worry!!!! There’s more karaoke at the afterparty starring DJ TOM!!!!
  • Love you guys, HAVE FUN AND ENJOY THE SHOW! And remember to be excellent to each other, this isn’t a contest, karaoke is just for fun!!!

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