Upcoming Saratoga Comic Con: Nov 17 & 18th 2018


Hi guys!!! It’s me, Jennard Cosplays again with a special list from Saratoga Comic Con. Saratoga Comic Con strives to be a great event for the community and I consider myself very lucky to be returning as a guest this fall season. I live for the people I meet there and the memorable experiences which is what the cosplay community should be about. Over the past 7 cons, Saratoga has consistently listened to feedback, added new things and worked to be a better con every time it comes around. The con has gotten so large I’m always surprised by the new stuff added each time. In case you don’t know what it’s all about, Saratoga CC was cool enough to bless our blog with this list! As for me, I’m judging the cosplay contest with the other guests and I’ll be at my table with Midnight Rogue the entire weekend. Come hang out! (Oh, and I can’t wait until the *spoiler* ALL NEW AFTERPARTY! 

  1. IT’S THE 8TH SARATOGA COMIC CON & LAST CON OF THE SEASON LOCALLY! This will be the last con in the area until winter when we’re all stuck inside until late April for the next show. Come out and support your local con and get the family friendly fun you always love! Saratoga’s Comic Con presented by Chase Con, the show has become the largest con in the capitol region of NY! With each show being different we bring in new and old guest stars, guest artists, vendors and independent artists! Finding out what the fans want making their dreams a reality is what we specialize with in business. Family and friends fun is our goal!
  2. OVER A 100 VENDORS AND ARTISTS! We have packed the city center this year bringing you all those vendors and artists you love and added in several new ones to the Con family! So come shop for yourself and get all your holiday gifts at the show!
  3. NEW AND OLD CELEBRITIES RETURNING! Many Celebrities we bring in you can’t meet without traveling great distances to try to catch them at a show, if they’re even doing a show. We bring celebrities that you might not likely meet, if ever meet. David Yost Original Blue Ranger! Wrestling guest stars Jimmy Hart and Tatanka! Larry Hama who created the GI JOE comics and 100s of the characters! Brian Harnois from Ghost Hunters makes his 2nd appearance at the show! 2 time Emmy winner Bill Diamond who worked on Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, Little Shop of Horrors just to name a few! More guests online!
  4. ATTRACTIONS! The 1966 Batmobile, Hulk bouncy house! Every pop-culture passion is represented, make a few new friends! Panels, events, photo ops, unique and exclusive art, tattooing, gaming, guest stars, vendors, artists, many loung areas! Just a place to completely enjoy your day! 
  5. GREAT PRICE TICKETS! We offer great ticket deals for friends and families starting as low as $12.50! Family/Friends packs of 4 as low as $50! VIP Packages with exclusive artwork and Saratoga Comic Con items and collectables! Many cons across the country start at $30 a day for some of them and they’re smaller shows. For the time being, we’re keeping our prices down to make it affordable. You can buy online and guarantee your ticket (we can sell out) or also buy at the door! See you at the show!
  6. ALL NEW AFTER PARTY! Distinctive Catering will be providing service at the show with great priced food on Saturday 11/17 6pm-10pm! Live DJing with DJ Tom and Karaoke! Keeping it right in the Hallway of the con, you won’t even need to leave!
  7. GOTTA HAVE IT! Our worldwide vendors and artists are phenomenal! Find so many comics, collectibles, toys, crafts, tons of anime, action figures, local art, board games, magic cards, exclusive art, commissioned artwork and also props, face painting, anything pop culture related you can find at this con! Also don’t forget our many charities including the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention hosted by the Montreal X-MEN!
  8. COSPLAY COMMUNITY: Bringing in Cosplay from all over the Northeast! Anime, Gaming, Comic, Furries, Heroes, Villans, all Cosplay welcome! Cosplay guests include: The Montreal X-MEN (group), The 501st Star Wars (group), Umbrella Corp. Springfield Hive (group), Myratheon Cosplay, Chelsea Von Chastity, Jennard Cosplays, Puma Cosplay, Lady Bridget Cosplay, & Coach Moses! Adult Cosplay Contest 11/17 3:20-4:30pm; Kids Cosplay Contest 11/18 3-4:15pm
  9. GAMING ALL WEEKEND! Cooper’s Cave Games & Paintball to host tournaments such as Magic the gathering! Arcway Gaming to host Super Smash Bros. tournaments and VR!  
  10. PAPARAZZI ON SITE! To relive all your memories at Saratoga Comic Con, our onsite Paparazzi will be taking pics with your permission of the show and all the great stuff you experience! Look out for the Pap-Cryer and Pap-Gibbs crew onsite! LARGE GROUP PHOTO OP IN THE HALLWAY 11/17 1:45PM!




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