Fauna Headpiece Tutorial!

Heyo fam squad! It’s been a hot minute since my last post! I’ve been busy with my most recent cosplay, Keyleth from Critical Role!!!Photo Oct 13, 3 57 12 PM (1)

I have gotten a few requests to know how I made her headpiece so I figured I would just make a post and share it with the world!


  • Craft wire- I used 18 gauge
  • yarn – I used brown because it was easier to use with the wood look I was going for
  • mod podge (i used matte)
  • hot glue gun
  • antlers – I used foam costume antlers
  • fake flowers and other flora accessories of your liking
  • paint -3 shades of brown- dark, medium, light
  • paintbrushes (preferably cheap because mod podge is wild)

First things first is taking the craft wire and shaping how you want the headpiece to sit on your head *if you are going to wear a wig with the crown make sure you wear the wig for this part because wigs make your head larger then they actually are* leave about a centimeter of extra space for the yarn. You can hot glue the ends of the wire together or twist them together like I did.

After you have the shape all set out, take your yarn and start to tightly wrap it around the wire. I did two layers of yarn but you are welcome to do any number of layers that you see fit!

Now that you have the yarn all set and ready its time for the messy bits! For this part, you’ll want to use some cheap paint brushes. Take your mod podge and dab it on to the yarn *I highly recommend dabbing over brushing so you completely soak the yarn and not just cover it* make sure all the yarn is covered and let it sit and dry for at least a day. and then on to the second layer! I recommend at least two layers of mod podge but if you think one layer works then that’s fine.  Photo Oct 10, 1 27 02 PM

I hot glued my antlers on before painting so the hot glue didn’t rip up the paint and so the antlers had a good base to hold on too.

Photo Oct 10, 1 49 50 PM

On to the paint!!!! I used a medium brown to completely paint the entire crown, as that layer started to dry I went in with a darker shade and painted in the grooves and with a lighter shade to paint the rises where a highlight would be.Photo Oct 10, 1 58 48 PM

With the paint done its time to decorate!!! This is where the hot glue and all those fancy fake flowers come in!Photo Oct 10, 2 03 46 PM

With some patience and some artistic vision, I hot glued on the flowers and the craft butterfly wingsPhoto Oct 10, 4 11 39 PM

After carefully matching the flowers and everything to the other side and letting it dry you will be finished!!Photo Oct 10, 4 26 06 PM

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