Important Inflatable Chairs: Part 1

I’ve come back from a break with a very important list – a list of inflatable chairs that I think are neat, weird, or required in every fashionable home. I took a few days to work on it, I really wanted to do these chairs justice…. and here it is. Inflatable chairs were an iconic part of popular kid room decor in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, but they don’t have to be just that. Track any of these hot chairs down on eBay and watch your dreams come true. Let’s begin.

1. The Britney Spears Inflatable Chair.  I’ve brought this one up before on my social media pages because it’s a personal goal. I’ve seen these chairs for $300 – $450 online. And they sell fast. So rare, but so perfect.


















2. The N’Sync Chair. Not nearly as cool as the Britney chair but same energy. I think it came in only two styles.









3. FURBY CHAIRS. Every sophisticated home should have one….










4. INVADER ZIM INFLATABLE CHAIR. WHO KNEW ABOUT THIS??? Imagine sitting in this chair being random XD updating your myspace on your pink razor phone. that’s real power.









5. Jar-Jar Binks Chair. Yeah… not gonna lie,, I do want this one. It feels cursed.










6. Other Star Wars Episode I Chairs. Literally the most important one is Queen Amidala don’t @ me



















7. Scoobert Doobert










8. FLAME CHAIR. You know Guy Fieri def had this at one point.








9. Nickelodeon Promotional Chair








10. The THINKING CHAIR. Sit down in our thinking chair and think. think. thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink. Think about how Steve really did just leave Blue and all of us of college. It hurts still.










11. PROMOTIONAL GAMECUBE CHAIRS AHHHSHFGHDHSVSHFHHHHHHH. Finally, a chair worthy of avid gamer, Paris Hilton.







12. POKEMON INFLATABLE CHAIRS. In glorious 1999, nothing was safe from Pokemon. And it was beautiful. *BONUS ITEM*********** Pokemon inflatable TABLE.

























14. Or Barbie, if that was more your thing. 










And don’t forget matching inflatable furniture for Malibu Dreamhouse.








15. Keepin’ it girly, here’s the toughest girl Buttercup in loud chair form








16. I know I mentioned the thinking chair up there but here’s ANOTHER BLUES CLUES CHAIR










17. We almost made it to the end of the list without Homer Simpson, but here he is: 










18. imagine coming home from school to turn on Toonami and sitting down in this bad boy: the DBZ chair







19. Fun fact about me: Space Jam was the first movie I ever saw in theaters. Here’s a bugs bunny inflatable chair. 










Is this a cursed image?

20. Okay, time to end it strong with the Playstation promotional inflatable chair. This would look so cool in your room, am I right gamers??????







I hope that this list has been informative and life changing. I called it “Part 1” because I am always searching and hoping for more inflatable chairs. I know there’s more. And i’ll be back.






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