Plattsburgh Comic Con: August 4th and 5th, 2018 – Come see me!

1. Plattsburgh Comic Con last year had an amazing turn out and was tons of fun. I met one of my best friends there and was surprised by how much the convention featured – panels, a wide selection of vendors, photo opportunities, artists and great guests (including me, haha!)

2. It’s a family friendly event – if you like conventions but you’re afraid to bring the little ones along, don’t fear! This con is totally family approved! There’s a lot of fun stuff for the kids too and it’s not unfriendly like more corporate cons can be. Very welcoming and enjoyable for everyone!

3. TREAT YO SELF. The vendors and artist truly bring their best!! I spent waaaaaaaaaaaayyyy too much last year but it was worth it – the vendors are pretty varied and there’s something for every kind of collector and the artists are truly unique.

4. Celebrities!!!! Heck yeah!!! Plattsburgh Comic Con brings in great guests. An experience you don’t want to miss!! Even if you came last year, there’s all new people and things to check out this year, and the guest list is one of the most exciting changes. I’ll be returning as a cosplay guest, as will Coty Clark and his Jurassic Park Jeep, Youtuber and cool guy Tom DeCicco, Brian O’ Halloran and Scott Schiaffo of Clerks, Brian Harnois of Ghost Hunters International, Coach Moses and R.W. Martin and Tracy Parkhust.. and legendary artist Rusty Gilligan. And so many more. There’s too many great guests to keep typing. JUST COME SEE.

5. Support your local community! Each vendor, guest, and person that worked on the show is a real person that put work into this for you, the community. And you’re a part too! We can all meet up, meet people with similar interests and make friends and build a truly great nerdy community together. Plattsburgh Comic Con is a great place to gather for this – there’s gaming for gamers, contests for cosplayers and truly something for everybody. Let’s meet! Come say hello!

6. I’LL BE THERE. I may not be as cool as Tom DeCicco but I’m still really awesome and I’ll be there so LET’S HANG OUT. Maybe if we’re lucky, Tom will high five us.


…Aaaaaaand if you’re still not convinced, here’s more images from last year’s Plattsburgh Comic Con, Check it out:

Okay, love ya, see ya there! – Jennard Cosplays

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