fashion: spongebob x lisa frank collab 

OKAY! So you all know I love Spongebob Squarepants so much. And I love Lisa Frank so much. And no one could have expected this, the best thing to ever happen to me. A SPONGEBOB AND LISA FRANK COLLAB. I’M FEELING IT NOW, MR. KRABS. 

The line appears to be Hot Topic exclusive, though currently not listed on their website. I saw it on Instagram (HeatherSparklesYT, to be exact lol) and rushed to the store. I had some hot cash so I picked up all I could find that was in that location, and also a Krusty Krab shirt that Hot Topic also had. The Lisa Frank x Spongebob shirt I found was in men’s sizes and had a perfect lil Spongebob in the pocket. 

The design is featured on the back, which is Spongebob riding an OG Lisa Frank design, Rainbow Majesty. Love it! 

The pins and patches are too perfect, and have already made it into my newest itabag~ 

Can’t wait until these items show up on the Hot Topic website so I can get more info on the whole collection! 

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