Why Should You Visit Us At Saratoga Comic Con? – Apr 7 & 8th 2018

Hi guys!! We’re here with a VIDEO!! We figured that’s a lil more exciting than just listing off reasons. There’s ton’s of reasons to go & you don’t even have to hear it from us – go experience it for yourself. In the video we cover guests coming, contests, cosplay, photo ops, panels and events – all at a really affordable price for a weekend con (and I think we forgot to mention FREE PARKING!) Whether you’ve been going for a while and have some questions or if it’s your first time we hope you enjoy the video! ❤

More info on ticket pricing/guests can be found on SaratogaComicCon.com or on the Saratoga Comic Con Facebook page, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Click here for Guests

Cosplay Contest Info (Harassment Policy can be found at the bottom! You should always feel safe at a convention, and if you don’t feel free to reach out to one of the volunteers! Cosplay is NOT Consent!)

Thanks for checking it out! And we’re excited to be guests again – come visit us at our tables or see Coty hosting The Cosplay Contest ~

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  1. hey am i allowed to come even if one of my legs wont stop spinning i got way to into s p i n and i dont wanna mess up the place by makin too many s p i n s


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