comics: Snotgirl Vol 1 Green Hair Don’t Care by Bryan Lee O’Malley

HIYA! Time for me to get hella into comics again. I decided to read Snotgirl Vol 1 at random one day because the cover looked cool (sorry that’s how I pick books, haha) and it turned out to be the perfect book for me. It’s about a Fashion Blogger with Allergies. Honestly? It’s the best.

I had a really bad cold last week and I could really relate to her booger related issues. And I really related to the main character Lottie’s general attitude, which was kind of upsetting at times but to me it just means the character was really likeable – at times I hated her, but in the end I wanted everything to turn out okay. Spoilers after this(but I won’t get toooo detailed)!

Lottie is an EXTREMELY POPULAR fashion blogger with an intern and webstore and a million (never truly specified) followers. And she hates her friends, but doesn’t hate people. Really wants new friends. She kinda messes that up, and it’s just an extra rough time because she’s kinda without boyfriend after a long relationship and her ex’s new lady seems to be stalking her and has a past with her. So really, she just needed a good friendship in a time like this and I really, truly wish it hadn’t turned out as gruesome. 


Also her intern seems like a really good and cool friend and idk why she doesn’t upgrade her to best friend status.

Lottie is really cute, I love her, she’s fun, and it was a good read that I actually enjoyed!! and the end kinda left me hanging but not tooo bad so i’m not stressed about it but also I can’t wait for volume 2, which conveniently comes out in May.

CONCLUSION: READ SNOTGIRL. She’s perfect on the outside but really covered in snot but still perfect but there are things I don’t like about her. Just read it.



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