music: fall out boy – MANIA

Hey guys!! A music post!! From Jen!! Ok, so Fall Out Boy’s new album, MANIA came out last week or whatever and I’m usually a slut for Fall Out Boy so here are my two sentence reviews of each song on the album. Yay. 

1. Young and Menace

An absolute jam…. a masterpiece I guess. Upon first listen I was like “gross” but then I listened to it 100x more and i’m LOVE

2. Champion

What’s better than this, fall out boy bein’ fall out boy. If you like Centuries you’ll love this New Song.

3. Stay Frosty Milk Royal Tea

K…. interesting… I’m feelin’ it. Yeah, hell yea.


GOD YES uggghhhh a GOOD SONG!!! uhhhGGHhhh YESSS.

5. The Last Of The Real Ones

No thanks!! It’s here and I don’t hate it but it’s not a jam.

6. Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)

Starts out rough and you’ll think it’s bad but it truly RULES. Very good, one of the best, amen.

7. Church 

A religious experience. I’ve listened to this song 10 times today.

8. Heaven’s Gate

Love this song, the lyrics are GOOD!!! Would love to hear Brendon Urie sing it.

9. Sunshine Riptide

What is this. Get this away from me.

10. Bishop’s Knife Trick

I know i’ve heard this song a bunch of times but I don’t remember it. Not really memorable, RIP!!!

So as you can see, Mania is a mix… but I love and support Fall Out Boy!! They do their best!! They have a good time!! 


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