Top 10 Things I Wish Cosplayers Wouldn’t Do

WELCOME TO 2018!! Starting off the year by saying what needs to be said and hopefully changing this year for the better! Some of these are important, others are minor annoyances, haha. We all have fun at cons but can be irritated easily (especially on low food and even lower sleep) so the list was pretty easy to throw together. If you have anything to add, leave a comment! Please take my list into consideration when planning your 2018 convention year. Let’s go! 

1. Compare your cosplay to others who have cosplayed it. Unless it’s a nice “hey! love ya both!” but hearing “Uhh, this person did it better.” I know sometimes being social can be awkward but yikes that isn’t okay. I’ve been compared to people I barely know locally & compared to some of my best friends it’s like.. don’t pin us against eachother lol we like the same characters and should be friends

2. Use handicapped stalls to change. I get that you need room to pull those tights on, but fricc don’t use resources set aside for the handicapped. most cons have cosplayer changing areas set aside, just figure out where that is or struggle for a min in a smaller stall! no outfit is worth risking someone else’s health.

3. Touch your cosplay! it’s ok if you ask first but don’t run up and start feelin my wig!!! I get that you wanna know how soft my fabric is and where I got it but I literally don’t know if you washed your hands in the bathroom DON’T TOUCH ME

4. Jump into photoshoots as a joke. Yes, it would be funny if your character was in this universe and we can do that later but don’t jump into a professional photoshoot for the meme. Meme it up later bro

5. DON’T SET FOOD ON MY TABLE OF PRINTS. I WILL FIGHT. & DON’T OPEN RAMUNE NEAR ME LOL I’ve seen these explode!!!! Even an experienced weeb can mess this up!!

6. This one is a little tricky/depends on each individual situtation/applies to life as well, but just.. don’t spread stuff that isn’t true. I don’t care what you heard about the cosplayer/convention/whatever I don’t care!! If you are spreading stuff without screenshots/having talked to the person or convention or business it’s about directly, then get out of here. Rumors ruin careers!!! I know it’s easy to be mad at somebody & say somethin quick that you don’t mean but the cosplay community tends to RUN with that info so please just chill.

7. Sexual poses and photoshoots unless you know the person/have confirmed it’s all good. Literally I know I don’t have to say cosplay is not consent in 2018 but literally someone swoopin in for a kiss pose bc it’s their ship or reaching for the booty unnannounced can ruin a whole con for someone. People always talk about how photographers take photos without consent but no one really ever talks about how sometimes other cosplayers cross the line thinking it’s all in good fun

8. See art on a table and go “$10? I could do that for free” Ok cool! But ya didn’t so make room for people that want to support this artist

9. Tell vendors you bought the figure online for cheaper. They don’t care. Their prices are higher because it’s a convention and you get the convenience of buying it here, not paying shipping and checking out the item first hand to make sure it’s not a bootleg. Bless.

10. Act like your inconveniences are worse than others. “YOU GOT 4 HOURS OF SLEEP? I GOT TWO” We’re all tired lol. “YOU’RE STRESSED OVER FINISHING YOUR COSPLAY? How ? It’s SO easy” We all stress differently!!! Be supportive or shut your mouth, there’s no shortage of support you can give!! We won’t run out!!

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