Plattsburgh Comic Con: Kid’s Cosplay Contest Photos

Hey! So Plattsburgh Comic Con went by so fast, it ran smoothly and was fun, a lot of great people showed up and it was great to see new cosplayers in a new place. Very, very good for a first year con! Undoubtedly, the highlight was the Kid’s Cosplay Contest. I love when kids get really into the characters they love and get excited to show off their work. Coty hosted as Ace Ventura & I was lucky enough to be a judge, and it was reeeeallly hard to choose between all the incredibly talented cosplayers that showed up. Lily took some pictures for us, so here they are! Click to make larger/view whole gallery.

Congratulations to all the winners and everyone involved because truly EVERYONE brought something new to the stage. Thanks again, Plattsburgh Comic Con for having us! More Plattsburgh Comic Con posts/pictures to come in the next couple days while we unpack and sort through everything!

Photo Credit Vox Noctis Cosplay

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