neopets: faerie festival turned plot?

There’s been no hiding that a new plot is coming up on neopets (If your first time hearing this is from me right now, I’m glad I could be the one to tell you) and well, uh, it’s here? Maybe? I think so. Here’s some important need-to-know things. 

  • They’ve hinted at it being a battledome plot, and now STRONGLY HINTED. The news literally said to train your pets.
  • In the Neopian Times Editorial, it said the plot would take place in November. Cancel all of my events for November, i’ll be busy with this.
  • They brought back the Faerie Festival this year and everyone was SUPER HYPE!! But then it was really lame. They introduced a new faerie, Kaia, which I like except for her art because it’s so jumpstarty and different than the other faeries and the whole aesthetic they had goin’ on there. She looks human. And the rest of the faerie festival kind of felt like it was just.. a page of things you could do normally and a (actually terrible) neocash event, and one new daily featuring new Kaia which was kind of.. bad. eeeeeh. BUT THEN-
  • there was a notice from Faerie Queen Fyora about the festival being cancelled due to vandals!! VANDALS!! destroying the festival.

    really fyora?? only 50,000 np?? everyone knows you’re the most baller queen in neopia go a lil higher
  • The neopets site theme turned a spoooooooky purple.
  • Everyone who visited the Faerie Festival every day got a new avatar – and it has Faeries AND A SCARY WRAITH FACE
  • A new NC item accidentally slipped out? They took it down from the NC Mall but it had things to do with wraiths. Ooooooh.

So that’s all we know so far!!! Hopefully it’s cool and great and everything I dream it will be. More as the story develops.

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