cosplayed: britney spears

Hey!! SO as y’all know, I recently cosplayed Britney Spears and LOVED IT. She’s one of the most important people in my life and whenever I get a few minutes to chill i’m watching Britney Spears performances. I’ve compiled a short list of all the outfits of hers I’d LOVE to wear, and I’m sure there will be more so maybe someday i’ll make a volume 2. God, I love Britney Spears so much.

To start off, here’s the outfit of hers I wore to the Upstate NY Collector’s Show and Colossalcon East. If my Padme outfit isn’t complete by this weekend, I might roll up in this to Plattsburgh Comic Con on Sunday. This outfit was extremely affordable and I found most of it on Amazon – except for the pink fuzzy hair scrunchies, which I got at Forever 21. Being Britney was so much fun, and I loved the cute schoolgirl aesthetic I got to rock all day. Here’s my version of her Hit Me Baby One More Time outfit:

Oops! I Did It Again


AHHH!!!! THIS OUTFIT IS UNFORGETTABLE. Oops! I Did it Again is one of the most important music videos of our time, and I gotta do this outfit. Also I need the Heart of The Ocean and an astronaut to accompany me when I wear this.

MTV VMA’s 2001: Slave 4 U

BRITNEY AND BANANA! The snake’s name is Banana. I love this look, even if her performance here wasn’t so hot. It was 2001, I forgive her. Either way, this was a historic moment for pop performances and I would love to recreate it.

Pepsi Generation

Britney Spears wears a ton of outfits from different decades in this lengthy commercial for pepsi – but I don’t even care that it’s a commercial, it’s fun, the song is catchy, and just saying Pepsi Generation makes me think of the early 2000’s. I love.

Britney & Justin. Denim.

Denim. Enough said.

Superbowl Pepsi Commercial 

HOW POWERFUL DOES THIS LOOK????? I need a squad of strong girls to capture the magic of Gladiator Britney Spears with me.

Britney’s Rolling Stones Cover Feat. Tinky Winky

I could recreate this look for a photoshoot right now. Boy, i’m going to.

MTV VMA’s 2016 – Make Me/Me Myself & I

This outfit symbolizes Britney’s triumphant return with her new album Glory and her new single – Make Me Ft. G-Eazy. This was her first performance of Make Me and it was monumental. Those yellow sequins. The whole dance and the cool thing she did with the shadows blew my mind. If anyone knows how to make this outfit, CONTACT ME. I need it.

Britney and Madonna – VMA 2003.

Perfect, right down to the BoyToy belt buckle. I love Britney, I love Madonna and I love this. Now I need someone else to cosplay Justin and make faces during the kiss.

Toxic Music Video – Flight Attendant 

This will probably be the next one I wear after the next outfit I wear. The next-next. Toxic sounded different that anything else on the radio at the time and it kept the love for Britney strong.

Britney Spears (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

And here it is, my next hot Britney look, it’s outrageous and I’m going to wear it Saturday to Plattsburgh Comic Con. I love the shiny pink tube top and the cute pigtails and just how happy she looks. See you Saturday!!

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