fashion: itabags 

What’s an itabag?? It’s a cute af bag with a clear window on it that you can customize. These bags are EVERYWHERE. I started seeing them at Connecticon, but at Colossalcon East they were every 5 feet. Every girl had one. But each one was wildly different, so I definitely did not get sick of seeing them.  


Look at this one with all the boys!!!! Spotted at Colossalcon East, and the wearer was happy to have her bag photographed but I didn’t catch her name. Wish I took more pics there because every bag is so different!! It’s clear that people take time in what they choose to put in there – to represent their interests. It’s actually a lot of work!!! And the cool thing is, the bag keeps your pins and charms safe even if they come unpinned. I wanted examples/ideas for how to style mine, so I pulled these off the itabag tag on Instagram: 

So cute!!!! Ahh!!! And decorating them is such a good time too. At Colossalcon East I saw a lot with sparkly lights in them too, and I really want to do that ❤ 


This one is mine!!!! I’m going to add a lot to it, but it definitely shows off my aesthetic. And now I can have a pic of Britney with me at all times. 

These bags are super affordable, I got mine for $15 on Amazon or you can find them at convention vendor tables for a little more. Love them!!! Honestly I want 20 more. 


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