Upstate NY Collector’s Show ・Sept 3rd 2017

Hey!!!! So the Upstate NY Collector’s Show was yesterday at The Venue in Cohoes, it went totally great. Everyone was so chill, vendors were great, and the cosplay contest went real smooth with some super great participants. Check out the pics! 

Our cute af table!! ❤
Ughhhh mornings are so early ~ ^_^
Cosplay Contest Winner – Sapphire


Cosplay Contest Second Place Winner – Aiden


Cosplay Contest Third Place Winner – Deadpool
Cosplayer Salith



Cosplayer Xena
Dat Keith
Weeb Trash
Lenn Oddity
Ya Girl B Spears


Coty has a taser.


Ahhh!! A great time was had by all, so glad to have been invited and can’t wait to do it again. Thanks, Upstate NY Collector’s Show & The Venue! Xoxo.

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