Love at First Sight: Holographic Fashion ✨

     Soooooo… The other day I was at the mall and happened to wander into Forever 21. And that’s when it happened… I saw a holographic jacket and I just stared at it in all its glory and I realized what I had been denying for years; that I was a holosexual…I was in love and there was no going back.

     All joking aside, this jacket was perfect. And I just couldn’t leave without buying it. So $36 dollars later, I owned the most fucktastic jacket ever…that will probably just sit in my holographic shrine at home. 

     The inside of the jacket is quite comfortable despite the slight uncomfortableness of holographic fabric on the outside. It has a similar style to that of leather jackets (another love of mine). 

     Besides this new found jacket, I also have a pair of Dolce Vita holographic shoes ($27) and a holographic collar (ebay, $15).

     These shoes are comfy and and the design is pretty simple (just holographic without any bling) which makes it great for matching it with outfits and not going extreme.

   Now this collar is super cute with its heart lock and gold accents. The material itself can get a little irritating but regardless it is one of my favorite accessories.

     I also recently ordered a holographic backpack. So hopfully it will be as good as it looked online. I will hopfully be posting a review of it when it arrives. 

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