2017 con season: spring saratoga comic con

AYY I’m here w the post you’ve been waiting for – about how the wild weekend at Saratoga Comic Con went!

Well first thing’s first: the place was SUPER PACKED. Saratoga Comic Con is going to have to expand into another building or something, because over 4,900 people attended. THAT IS SO MANY. And almost EVERYONE was in cosplay which is like, super incredible for this area. I’m so proud of how much the event has grown tbh, and super excited that I was a guest. A few things:

-There were more anime vendors this time around. I was ABOUT. THAT.

-Events ran all day, and interesting ones. So that made for good rotation between the vendor room/panel rooms so no room was tooooo crazy full at one time. If that makes sense. People were spread out b/c there was interesting stuff to do EVERYWHERE.

-The fire alarm was pulled but even that was a party. Everyone was outside dancing. #Blessed.

-I didn’t see any sad faces. That’s always a bonus no matter where you are.

-THE COSPLAY CONTEST WAS SO SMOOTH AND EVERYONE WAS SO TALENTED. I’ve never been so honored to be a judge ;_;

-The Sailor Moon photoshoot went GREAT (more on that later)

And lastly, cosplay kareoke. HELL YEAH. Myself and @ninkakiwi ran the panel with Coty co-hosting, and it went really well for our first kareoke panel. Lots of brave cosplayers, lots of FUN cosplayers, lots of good music. And all good sports, too. Nobody boo’d, just a lot of encouragement which isn’t something you see a lot of here. Definitely hoping to do this again at the November show, and I hope to get a longer time slot because there were a lot of people into it! There’s a video on our facebook page of a few performers, and I think I saw more on youtube but I didn’t get any other pics/videos. If you did tag us in them!!!!

I have photos from the cosplay contest/sailor moon shoot coming soon, so keep watchin’. This is all I got for now! See ya next time, cool cats.

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