It’s been a while since our last Waifu post – it took me months to find someone worthy. Not only is Lady Esdeath worthy, but she is The Most Worthy. Possibly the Number One Waifu.

Esdeath is a General of the Empire in Akame Ga Kill. If you haven’t watched Akame Ga Kill, do it, then come back b/c I’m about to post spoilers.

In Akame ga Kill, the Empire is the enemy. Lady Esdeath cares not for politics, but loves war. Lives for it. Even after she decides to fall in love, her love for war takes priority. She believes people die because they are weak – and that’s that. A dangerously sexy attitude. 

Not only that, but she’s powerful. Raised where you HAD to kill or be killed – and raised to believe the weak will die and if you want to live, you have to become stronger. She became strong, and then got a hold of a weapon no one else could handle – an imperial arms that controls Ice, said to be the strongest of all the imperial arms.

Besides being strong, ruthless and an ice queen, she’s adorable. Look at this face. Don’t fall in love with anyone weak, Esdeath. Fall in love with me.

The Akame ga Kill anime was honestly not as good as Akame ga Kill Zero, the prequel manga. I didn’t read the main story manga, but I’ve heard it’s WAY BETTER. If not for Esdeath, the anime would have been boring. In fact, I can’t really imagine how Esdeath could get better. This woman is perfect, if she were alive. And real.

Go away, Tatsumi. That’s my wife. 

Anyway, hope you enjoyed and love her almost as much as I do!!! See you next time!!


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