2017 Con Season: Why You Should Attend Saratoga Comic Con

Hey! You probably remember Saratoga Comic Con from our previous coverage & if you’re local, you’ve probably seen posters everywhere and at least heard some talk about it. Coty Clark and I are guests at the upcoming spring convention along with loads of other great cosplayers, artists, actors and writers. As if we haven’t given you enough reason to come (YOU GET TO SEE US!!!) we got Sam Chase himself to give us his reasons. Here they are! Enjoy reading them, and see you there May 6th & 7th!! ❤ – Jennard

1. Why to come to Saratoga Comic Con? Being Saratoga’s Comic Con presented by Chase Con, the show had to strive to be the best only for it’s local fans and abroad. So that is why each show is different. New guest stars, guest artists, always looking for new vendors and independent artists. Finding out what the fans want making their dreams a reality is what we specialize in business with.

2. Guest Artists & Writers. Marvel & DC movies that are so popular nowadays wouldn’t have happened without the artists and writers we bring into our convention. We have a tendency to bring in a lot of artists and writers that have never been to the area or any of the cons in the area for that matter. We go out of our way for the fans, so you talk and have the opportunity to buy their original artwork that has created the worlds you now love!

3. Guest Stars Coming. Many guest stars we bring in you can’t meet without traveling great distances to try to catch them at a show, if they’re even doing a show. We bring guest stars that you might not likely meet, if ever meet. This spring show we have Brian O’Halloran and Scott Schiaffo from CLERKS! Wrestling guest stars like The Nasty Boys! Steve Lavigne and Jim Lawson 2 of the original creators from Ninja Turtles! Horror Guests like Jeremy Ambler, Jenny Hall, and David Madison! More guest stars always coming in!

4. Attractions! The General Lee, The 1966 Batmobile, The Jurassic Park Jeep, Star Wars Landspeeder, The Hellhound, ALL AT SARATOGA COMIC CON & MORE TO COME! Every pop-culture passion is represented at this Con, it’s likely you’ll make a few new friends! Panels, events, photo ops, unique and exclusive art, tattooing, gaming, guest stars, attractions, food, many loung areas, FREE comics for comicbook day (while they last)! Just a place to completely enjoy your day!

5. Why Buy, what to buy? Comics, collectibles, toys, crafts, tons of anime, action figures, local art, board games, magic cards, exclusive art, commissioned artwork and also props, face painting, anything pop culture related you can find at this con! Our worldwide vendors and artists are phenomenal! Also don’t forget our many charities!


6. Open Dress Code & Cosplay Guest Stars: Cosplay of all kind is welcome! Anime, Gaming, Comic, Furries, Heroes, Villans, all Cosplay welcome! Cosplay guests include: The Montreal X-MEN (group), The Mandolorian Merc (group), The 501st Star Wars (group), Jennifer Rose, Ruby Rinekso, Myratheon Cosplay, Chelsea Von Chasity, Jennard, The True Mr. J, Coach Moses/L ‘Homme Du Soleil, and Mothchild Cosplay! Come meet and learn how to improve your cosplay skills with these amazing cosplayers!

7. Gaming all weekend! Flipside Gaming to host tournaments such as Magic the gathering! Arc Way Gaming to host Super Smash Bros. tournaments and VR!

8. Saratoga Kids Con?! Saratoga Kids Con is FREE FREE FREE for all ages and it’s only at Saratoga Comic Con! Even for the big kids at heart! Coloring, mini panels, demo games, prizes, giveaways both days and much more! It’s all FREE, located in the back by Wild Bill’s Soda!

9. Our Local Community! Our Con provides local fun safe places for kids, friends and family to come together and support charities like Little Warriors International, Saratoga Public Library, and local kickstarters!

10. You’re our fun family! Chase Con created a family of con goers. Switching our name to Saratoga Comic Con, only made a bigger family friendly atmosphere! We have always strived to create one big family for the whole event. It’s one of things people talk about that is just strong in the city center. A peaceful fun element that only Saratoga Comic Con can bring. So if you like to have fun, enjoy yourself, spend time with friends and family in safe environment, then this Comic Con and Pop Culture Convention is the only place to be 5/6-7/17!

11. Great priced tickets! We offer great ticket deals for friends and families starting as low as $12.50! Family/Friends packs of 4 as low as $50! VIP Packages with exclusive artwork and Saratoga Comic Con items and collectables! Many cons across the country start at $30 a day for some of them and they’re smaller shows. For the time being, we’re keeping our prices down to make it affordable. You can buy online and guarantee your ticket (we can sell out) or also buy at the door! See you at the show!


Hey, it’s Jen again. As you can see, he gave us a ton of reasons, but I also wanted to throw in one more of my own – the schedule is pretty rad. You can view the whole weekend’s schedule here, but i’m hosting a Sailor Moon Meet Up on Saturday, and the whole Invisible Cat Patrol squad is hosting Cosplay Karaoke. Schedule times are on the site and Facebook, and you’re gonna want to get in on this. In addition, Saratoga is a pretty fun city to be in overnight, and i’ll be there, let’s hang out!! See you there, and thanks Sam for sending us all this great info!!

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