genericon 2017

GENERICON came and went really fast, like CRAZY FAST. So fast. For me, it was the first con of the year and marks the beginning of the 2017 con season.

I GOT TO SEE SO MANY FRIENDS!! Everyone in the area that cosplays seems to make an appearance at Genericon and it’s so great to see everyone. Loved catching up!!!! And loved the outfits and the photos and making new friends toooooo. It was such and experience.

The only thing I’d change is the cattiness between cosplayers. I saw a lot of that this past weekend and yuuuuck. One of the instances was over two girls wearing the same outfit- which, WHY NOT BE PALS ABOUT IT?!?? I loooove when I see people doing the same characters I do, because that means we both love the same shows!!! Just be excellent to eachother!!!!!



And some bonus images from Lily:

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