featured cosplayer: DismemberedHat

dismembered-hat-2DismemberedHat is a cosplayer from the United States. I recently liked their facebook page, and holy heck!!! So many outfits, and so much talent. Check out their super cool answers and give them a like! Here’s DismemberedHat’s page! They were kind enough to answer my questions, so I hope you enjoy getting to know another cosplayer! 

1. How Long Have You Been Cosplaying?
I’ve been cosplaying for about 7 years.
2.Why do you Cosplay?
I cosplay to bring joy to others as a form of entertainment in order to remove people from the macrocosm of reality and into any fictional universe.
3. Is cosplay something you plan on doing for the rest of your life, or is it just a fun hobby for now?
It’s a fun hobby but I don’t plan to stop
4. What was your first convention?
Palmcon 2014 was my first convention.
5. Do you ever have to deal with negative feedback towards your cosplays, and if so, how do you deal with it?
If I get negative feedback, I usually just ignore it. Although it’s rare, it does get to me personally because I work so hard on my cosplays. I just remember that everyone is entitled to their opinions and it’s no use arguing over. Sometimes people can’t be persuaded to see another side, no matter how many facts there are like how long the cosplay took me, how big my follower fan base is, etc.
6. When people tell you they love your cosplays, how do you respond?
I usually reply back with a happy “Thank you so much!” Sometimes I’ll compliment their cosplays if I am able to see them, maybe even start talking about a TV show or movie that I see they cosplay from.

7. What’s the most recent convention you’ve attended? Rate the experience?
Paradise City Comic Con
10/10 one of the best cons I have ever been to. All of the people are so nice, it’s very organized, there are lots of fun panels people host, and they have something for everyone.
8. What’s your least favorite part of cosplaying?
My least favorite part is how much time and money it takes to make a cosplay. For each cosplay, I spend about 17 hours (on minor cosplays) and about $50. On more major cosplays, I can spend upwards of 56 hours and over $200.
9. Favorite part of cosplaying?
I get to meet so many people from all over who enjoy cosplaying or seeing my own cosplay. When I cosplayed as Joy at a convention, I had so many kids come up to me unafraid despite the fact that I’m a complete stranger (not that I would do anything harmful)
10. Do you tend to stay in character in your cosplays?
I tend to stay in character most of the time. When I’m at a panel, I’ll probably break character, but if I’m taking photos or talking to someone, I’ll get into character.
11. Do you cosplay outside of conventions?
Yes and no. It’s very minor things out of conventions but things like Halloween and themed days at school will let me bring out a cosplay.
12. What’s the cosplay you’ve worked hardest on?
Maleficent was my hardest cosplay I’ve worked on. It took me 56 hours to complete (34 hours on the wings), over 900 feathers, and it has the most complex thing I have ever made: wings that can open and close.
13. Easiest cosplay to make?
The easiest cosplay to make was surprisingly my latest Loki cosplay. Despite it being a higher difficulty than usual and a lot of details, I didn’t stumble into many problems like usual. Usually, I’ll have a problem with my fabric or my string or my needle, but not with Loki. I expected it to take me about 20-25 hours and I ended up finishing it in only 16 since there were no complications.
14. Have you ever entered any contests/do you hope to?
I have entered 5 contests in the conventions I have gone to and I have won 1 contest. It was Paradise City Comic Con 2016 and I was an original character (The King and Queen of the Jellyfish) with my best friend CrimsonCrown.
15. Next Convention?
Probably Hatsume Fair 2017. If not, Megacon 2017


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