anime: hamtaro on vhs 

I recently made my best ever eBay purchase: a bunch of anime VHS tapes for like, $7. One of the best things in the box was HAMTARO, an anime I’ve missed, one of the first anime I watched. It played on Toonami back in the day, and what’s not to love about HAMSTERS?!??!??! TINY ADVENTUROUS HAMSTERS. So cute. 

Anyway, the VHS tape started out great, with images of our hero Hamtaro on the screen while “PLAY IT ON THE GAMEBOY COLOR” scrolled by in comic sans. Followed by the theme song playing three times. The themesong is really catchy and I remembered every word. IT’S HAMTARO TIME.

I also remembered every word to the first episode. But what I didn’t remember was that the hamsters look reeeeally cute, but the humans? Scary proportions. Stick legs. Ears below the mouth. Keith said it looked a lot like Case Closed’s animation style – he looked it up and they’re from the same studio. Nice.

Hamtaro moves to a new town, meets a ton of new lil hamster friends and has nice adventures. Pure, adorable anime for the whole family. AND THE SONGS ARE SO CATCHY. I looooove them. The only thing that made me sad was that there was only a few episodes on the VHS, and it didn’t even get to any episodes with my fav hamster: Bijou (well, she’s in the first episode, but not very much). 

Wow!!!!! There I am with the Hamtaro VHS. The only thing I would love more than this is a Hamtaro blu ray set with all the episodes. For under $100. Pleeeeease.

Anyway, Hamtaro on VHS was great, 10/10 would buy again. Will probably watch ten more times. 


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