manga: time stranger kyoko vol 1

kyokoARINA TANEMURA’s current running manga Idol Dreams is REALLY GOOD, so I thought I’d check out her older stuff. It wasn’t hard to find, because I work in a store that occasionally sells old manga and luckily, Time Stranger Kyoko was there. It’s another magical girl title, and it’s WORTH IT if you like things like Tokyo Mew Mew or Cardcaptor Sakura. Or Idol Dreams.

Time Stranger Kyoko is about a princess – who is living a normal life. You know, the Hannah Montana of manga. But on her 16th birthday, she’s going to have to give up her normal life and reveal that she is Earth’s princess: unless she awakens her twin sister who’s been in a coma since birth and gets her to be the princess instead. The Earth people are getting angry that they don’t know who their princess is.


That’s the plot: onto the SPOILERS.

Main character Princess Kyoko has two hot body guards with dragon powers. She vows to awaken her sister, first for her own selfish needs of keeping her own social life and secondly, because she really wants to meet her sister. After making the vow she gets TIME TRAVEL POWERS. After that she reveals she’s the princess anyway to save her friends from an attractive robber and his squad. The attractive robber who has a ton of girlfriends falls in love with her. She doesn’t return his affection.

After getting time travel powers, she uses them for things she probably shouldn’t, but it all super works out, somehow.

So far, so good. The series feels a lot like Cardcaptor Sakura, and has CUTE OUTFITS TOO. Really cute outfits. Very, very cute outfits.

I don’t really want to spoil much more. It’s old so it should be easy to find and you should read it.


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