Featured Cosplayer: Megan Morbid



Hiya!!! So, it’s winter and everything is sad so I wanted to start posting something new and fun: FEATURED IMG_2819COSPLAYERS. I’ll just be showing off cool cosplayers weekly, kind of like the audio cosplayer interviews I used to post before the busy convention season. If you’re into cosplay, this will be a great way to find new talented people, inspiration, and maybe make friends and learn stuff about people who cosplay!! ANYWAY: The first Featured Cosplayer is Megan Morbid. I met Megan Morbid at Anime Fan Fest 2016, which took place on Free Comic Book Day last year. She actually organized a DBZ photoshoot that I attended and got great cosplay photos at. I asked her a few questions about her cosplay life, so please enjoy reading her answers!

megan21. How Long Have You Been Cosplaying?
I’ve been cosplaying since I was 10 years old and I’m turning 21 this year. So going on 11 years now.

2.Why do you Cosplay?
I cosplay because it’s something I really enjoy doing. I get to express how much I love my fandoms and express how I love each character.
3. Is cosplay something you plan on doing for the rest of your life, or is it just a fun hobby for now?
Something for the rest of my life, for sure. 😊
4. What was your first convention?
My first convention was AnimeNEXT 2007

5. Do you ever have to deal with negative feedback towards your cosplays, and if so, how do you deal with it?
Of course I do it’s just part of the community in general and it sucks but I just brush it off and take it as constructive criticism.
6. When people tell you they love your cosplays, how do you respond?
With up most respect and love towards them because they have the same kind of love for the fandom I as do.
megan37. What’s the most recent convention you’ve attended? Rate the experience?
Most recent I attended was AnimeFanFest 2016 and I rate it 3/5 because of quality and security services weren’t 100%.
8. What’s your least favorite part of cosplaying?
The work that goes into it and money. It gets really frustrating at times but it does pay off 🙂
9. Favorite part of cosplaying?
Enjoying it with everyone else!
10. Do you tend to stay in character in your cosplays?
Yes I do but not all the time lol
11. Do you cosplay outside of conventions?
Yes! All the time!
12. What’s the cosplay you’ve worked hardest on?
There is a lot but probably my Silent Hill nurse cosplay I did back 2012/2013.
13. Easiest cosplay to make?
Characters with less clothing for sure!
14. Have you ever entered any contests/do you hope to?
Yes I have and won first place in my first event as well which was really cool! But I do plan to attend into more contests this year!
15. Next Convention?
AnimeFanFest 2017



SO THAT’S ALL for today, hope you enjoy her cosplays and answers, and if you do maybe give her facebook page a like! her facebook page is here, and if you want to see more featured cosplayers, like our page too to keep up with it. Thanks! ;3

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