manga: idol dreams volume 3

It’s Idol Dreams time again ~ and I’m very excited. I get really impatient when books take a long time time come out, but this one is worth it. In case you don’t remember/haven’t been reading it, Idol Dreams is about 31 year old Chikage Deguchi, a cute lonely adult woman with a lot of regrets in her life. A friend from school, Tokita, provides Chikage with drugs that allow her to become a teenager again. She uses these to become a popular young teen idol. I’ma post spoilers now.

This volume of Idol Dreams features a lot more of Chikage’s adult life, and the last one was mostly her teenage alter ego so that’s pretty cool. I’d like to see her sort things out in her real adult life, but her teenage pop star life is the most exciting tbh.
Chikage discovers that her teenage crush Haru is in love with her, which should be super great news to her considering she almost killed herself in the first volume over him. But it might turn out to be bad news, because her friend Tokita who’s been helping her out has a huge as hell crush on her. He starts to show jealousy, which is confusing because to Chikage he appears to be in a very happy relationship (and it probably seems that way to his GF too) (I hate boys).
The art in this one was a lil odd, Arina Tanemura always impresses me with herself but there’s a scene in this one where young pop star Chikage has to babysit, and boy, she cannot draw children. It’s like a tiny toddler with an adult head.
Love triangles and bad art aside, this is was a suuuuuper great volume. I love Idol Dreams and I can’t want until volume foooooour.

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