Not All Beer and Skittles: Music of 2016 PT. 1

Hello all! 2016, what a pit amirite? Music wasn’t bad in 2016 though, in fact I think over the last couple years it might be my favorite year. I’ve made two mixes of 25 songs a piece. They’re some of my favorites, and not necessarily the best, just stuff I really dug this year. So I’m not calling this a “best of” and more a personal collection of what I was interested in that came out this year. Enjoy!


  1.  Explosions in the Sky – The Ecstatics
  2. BRAiDS – Joni
  3. Car Seat Headrest – Vincent
  4. Touché Amoré – New Halloween
  5. Teen Suicide – Falling Out of Love with Me
  6. You Blew It! – Greenwood
  7. This Town Needs Guns – In Praise of Idleness
  8. Roses – Julian March
  9. Pity Sex – What Might Soothe You?
  10. Parquet Courts – Two Dead Cops
  11. Owen – Tourniquet
  12. Modern Baseball – Note to Self
  13. LVL UP – She Sustains Us
  14. Joyce Manor – Last You Heard of Me
  15. The Hotelier – Settle the Scar
  16. Head Wound City – Closed Casket
  17. Eskimeaux – Drunk
  18. Dikembe – Just Explode
  19. Deer Leap – Marionettes, Inc.
  20. Conor Oberst – A Little Uncanny
  21. Andrew Jackson Jihad – When I’m a Dead Boy
  22. American Wrestlers – So Long
  23. American Football – Home is Where the Haunt is
  24. G.L.O.S.S. – Give Violence a Chance
  25. At the Drive-In – Governed by Contagions

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