neopets advent calender dec 1-7

It’s That Time Of Year Again. I love Neopets and I don’t hate Christmas. Actually, I think I live the rest of the year waiting for the Neopets Advent Calendar. Flash animation touches parts of my heart that I often forget exist and free cool lil’ Christmas items in my Neopets inventory has kept me in Neopia every December for the past 17 years. Let’s take a look at this week.

  • December 1st: 967 Neopoints, a Golden Viking Helmet, a Snowager Postcard and if you don’t already have it, the Plastic Fir avatar. Not A Bad Start. The Golden Viking Helmet is even wearable.
  • December 2nd: 748 Neopoints, a Bone Drum Kit & a Moehawk Xmas Special Ticket. Not really anything useful but the animation & ticket reference the concerts in Tyrannia the remind me of early Neopets days, yeeee. I don’t know why but I REALLY liked the concerts when I first started out.
  • December 3rd: 894 Neopoints, Old Lenny Dentures & How To Be Wise Like Me. Ahhh! A book. Yay.
  • December 4th: BEST DAY OF THE WEEK TBH. 959 NP, Intergalactic Slushie and a Clown Chia Plushie. The animation here was stellar. The Space Faerie was drinking her problems away and Dr Sloth tried to shoot her. With some kind of bullet. Wow. If You missed it, check the archive because wow. Art. And!! Slushies are my fav Neopets item. I have a Pizza/Slushies gallery. What a good day for me.
  • December 5th: 621 NP, Old Bruces Shades, Old Bruces Snow Gun. Lol. Really cool items, but I wish the shades were wearable.
  • December 6th: 726 NP, Terror Mountain Blizzard Background & Snow Faerie Borovan. Yeee, a background. Christmas is such a plentiful time for wearables.
  • December 7th: 844 NP, AAA Chessboard, Brucey B Mini High Striker.

The daily animations are great this year. A little longer than usual I think, and probably more than anyone expected from Jumpstart. And the items are soooo goood. Thx Neopets for the holiday cheer.


Same, Space Faerie. Same.

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