manga: clover

Back in the year 2001, seeing art from CLAMP’s Clover is what got me into manga. It’s a beautiful story but really, really depressing. But also you should read it, because I love it.


I always love everything CLAMP puts out but this is different – it feels deeper than anything else by them, and maybe more artsy? Most pages are 90% art and minimal words but every page is profound and filled with emotion. I only had book 2 because that’s all I managed to get my hands on at age 11, but even just from that I loved the story. I drew the main character Sue on everything and I got my hair cut like her for at least a solid six years. And I didn’t even manage to get all four books until a few years ago. 30971d60ace49d83b9907015ad9a3386

Sue is a Four Leaf Clover – a person with powers beyond any kind of control. The whole manga feels kind of Blade-Runner-ish to me, futuristic yet old, and I love the aesthetic. Kazuhiko, the man in charge of taking care of Sue is mysterious but still really warm feeling, like I really like him even though he’s distant. And Ora – a singer and literally the most beautiful character I’ve ever seen was really, really good at explaining love to younger me. And older me. The whole thing is a really sad story, so be warned, if you do read it (which I really want you to) you’re gunna’ need to cuddle after. My fav thing about it is how it combines tech and romance and it’s like, the least girly shojo manga I’ve ever seen. If that makes sense. 16e1f74c2194edfc516e3b2830f67bf1

I feel like it ended in a weird spot, though. It feels incomplete. Or maybe I just want more.

Sorry if I’m really bad at describing this to you, but it’s really, really astoundingly good.

Time to cry now, damn Clover, gettin’ me all emotional every time.

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