why neopets.com is honestly the best place to spend halloween

Hi! I’m a 26 year old who’s lost all lust for dressing up and doing things on Halloween. October is cold, and I like to be inside. Let me tell you why Neopets is perfect for my grumpy life style.

  • The Haunted Woods. Wow. What a festive land, with tons of spooky activities and games and stuff. Just look at it.
  • HALLOWEEN NEOPETS MASKS, available in the Haunted Woods, are scarier than most real life masks. Look at the Chia. JUST LOOK AT IT.
  • You can customize your pets for Halloween. And Neopets has a yearly NC Mall event called Haunted Hijinks that gives you really boss wearables if you’re into the spooky aesthetic (or trading with everyone else, because it seems like everyone else loves the spooky aesthetic too)neopets-halloween-customizations
  • ONLINE TRICK OR TREATING. Or, you know, just getting the links from Jellyneo so you can get all the free stuff without trying. So much better than going door-to-door for candy. neopetshalloween1

    So is that last part oddly threatening or what?
    So is that last part oddly threatening or what?
  • And, My personal favorite, the Haunted House game. I love it. I LIVE FOR THE ONCE A YEAR I PLAY THIS. And I hope it never goes away. You can taste the early Neopets days when you play it.neopetshalloween3

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