Not All Beer and Skittles: 8-bit Dreams

Hello all! It’s halloween, but I’ve got nothing halloweenie, so here’s this mix I made with only my favorite tracks from video games! It’s my most popular mix on 8tracks and I can clearly see why. It just is one of those mixes that works so well you can’t ever replicate it. Well, maybe you can, I just haven’t taken the time to do a follow up! Hope you all like it and there’s a little backstory to some of the songs, I wrote lyrics to some of them with my bad Dead Paris and wrote drumlines and basslines but, those are lost forever. Or until my buddy Jehlar decides to send them to me! Enjoy!


  1. Turtle Power – Turtles in Time
  2. No Time to Lose – Herzog Zwei
  3. Jason Defeated – Friday the 13th
  4. Bubbleman Stage – Mega Man 2
  5. The Oracle – Secret of Mana
  6. Kraid’s Lair – Metroid
  7. Choose a File – EarthBound
  8. Special Stage – Sonic the Hedgehog
  9. Dialogue Theme – Willow
  10. Church – Link to the Past
  11. Rainbow Road – Super Mario Kart
  12. Room Theme – Friday the 13th
  13. Lavender Town – Pokemon
  14. Getting Harder – StarTropics
  15. The Battle of Final Destiny – EarthBound
  16. Chill – Dr. Mario
  17. Outside the Castle – Wizards and Warriors
  18. Bloody Tears – Simon’s Quest
  19. Go Right – Streets of Rage 2
  20. Title Screen – Robocop
  21. Skull Game – Wizards and Warriors 2
  22. Battle Theme – Sweet Home
  23. Streets of Desolation – Batman
  24. Memory of the Fallen Ones – Demon’s Crest
  25. Brinstar – Super Metroid
  26. Title Screen – Wizards and Warriors
  27. Password – Mega Man 2
  28. Siberian Tunnel – Strider
  29. Song A – Gauntlet
  30. Title Screen – Mother

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